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Sevcon DVT Software: The Ultimate Guide for Configuring and Calibrating Your Motor Controller

After installing the Battery Management System Software "Battery Management System" (BMS), the BMS settings are displayed on the right side of the Manugement Menu (see Fig. 8). The settings can also be reached via a certain sequence of menu entries from the Battery Management Menu (see Fig. 5) Fig. 8. The Main Battery Management Menu of the Battery Management System Software Version 3.12a. The battery level is shown with the Grey color bar. The battery capacity is displayed with the Dark Blue color bar. The charging status of the battery is indicated by the Colour Code Light Green. The device type is shown with the Light Pink color bar. The message "Loss of charge" is displayed with the Light Red color bar. Thierry LEQUEU 2019 Page 21

sevcon dvt software download

Sevcon PR10 The PR10 was an iconic product that rapidly found its market in the domain of the industrial sector. The versatile PR10 is a rugged PLC Embedded Controller with integrated software. The PR10 offers extremely high throughput and fast switching for high duty applications up to 100 A and high current ranges up to 400 A or 1000 A (Rated current).

07 Using the AC controller drive home screen: the AC controller is also accessible via the desktop via the DCF via the tab SEVCON Files for AC X xxx (D1-M5) for the area of configuration and Ix xxx (N1-W5) for the CAN messages. This tab is very useful for diagnosing CAN messages. It allows to see the full CAN message that it is sent by the drive and the CAN message is displayed correctly. You can also see the CAN messages exchanged between the connected nodes (Motor drive or the PID controller). For instance, try to read the CAN message from the master controller : uses the CAN-M cell. You will see that the master controller sees a CAN message from the slave motor. There are two messages: The first message is the request and the second message is the answer. THierry LEQUEU 2019 Page 06


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