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Armored Battalion Free Dow... __LINK__

Centauro adopted the new armored division structure designed with North African experience in mind: a three-battalion tank regiment, a three-battalion Bersaglieri regiment, a large artillery regiment including two small battalions of self-propelled guns (Semovente) and one battalion of 90mm anti-aircraft guns, plus reconnaissance and engineer battalions. But Ariete had top priority for new vehicles, to replace losses suffered at the front, and Fiat-Ansaldo produced M13/40 medum tanks and the self-propelled guns based on their chassis at a slower pace than operations demanded.

Armored Battalion Free Dow...

The Italian tank battalions have been provided in two versions. Use the 2-2-8 battalions (with M13/40 tank icons) for the Ottavio I scenario. This is almost impossible for the Axis to win. For the Ottavio II scenario, use the 6-7-9 and 5-5-9 battalions (improved battalions for Ariete were provided in an earlier free download). Even without Rommel, the big battalions give Italy a chance of sweeping the Commonwealth out of Libya. 041b061a72


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