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Excel 2016 For Mac Multiple Windows ##HOT##

Excel allows you to open multiple windows for a single workbook at the same time. In our example, we'll use this feature to compare two different worksheets from the same workbook.

Excel 2016 For Mac Multiple Windows

I assume that excel 2016 would respond with "15". Does anyone know if CHAR(13) or CHAR(10) should be used with Excel 2016. Perhaps I should just use CHAR(10)&CHAR(13) and forget the tests for both system and release since CHAR(10) appears to do nothing on older versions and CHAR(13) appears to do nothing on newer versions.

To tile the windows side by side, you can simply click on the title bar and then drag the window to the right of the screen. If you have multiple windows open on your computer, you may have to select which window you want to view on the left.

Excel 2010 and earlier use a Multi Document Interface (MDI), which means the windows will all open up in the same Excel application window. I added a 2010 section in the post above that explains how to use the Restore button to view multiple windows.

I have recently had a new work computer and I miss the MDI functionality that the old excel version had. I liked that I could view multiple worksheets in one window. I could see all the data in each work sheet and control them with a single tool bar. Now a lot of the space is used up by tool bars, etc. Is there a way to replicate this aspect of MDI in the new version of excel?


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