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Download Murder Mystery Machine PC Game 2021 PORTABLE

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Download Murder Mystery Machine PC Game 2021

In this isometric noir deduction thriller, join the District Crime Agency. To make your case, explore intricate dioramas of crime scenes, efficiently arrange your evidence, and muddy the lines between right and wrong. The game was released on 25th August 2021, and since then, it has been growing in popularity.

So begins Murder Mystery Machine, a detective story with a deeper mystery hiding under a whole lotta bodies. Developed by Blazing Griffin and published by Microids, Murder Mystery Machine was originally available as a mobile title and has since made its way to consoles and PC. The name of this game is to use that mapping technique detectives like to do with the pictures and red string and connect all the dots to lead them to the perpetrator. Can you make the connections and bring the killers to justice?

Murder Mystery Machine is a compelling episodic interactive mystery game that crosses narrative with unique new puzzle-solving and deduction gameplay.As the player you must take on the mindset of a detective as you investigate crime scenes. You will need all your skills of investigation and deduction to link evidence, find clues and interrogate suspects.Murder Mystery Machine Unique Crime-Solving GameFeaturesProfessionally written: The story of Murder Mystery Machine written by professional film and TV writers, to ensure that it delivers a compelling experience from start to finish.

A noir first-person murder mystery set in a gloomy 1947 Pacific Northwest city. Play as the renowned Detective D.W. Dagger to help solve his latest case. A violent murder, a possible suicide, and a handful of suspects. Can you deduce what happened?

Joe Kowalski Chronicles: Murder in a flat is a dark neo noir point and click adventure game where you start as a police detective Joe Kowalski and try to solve a murder that happened in Joe's neighborhood.

There are few things more enjoyable in a work of fiction than a good mystery. Those impossible crimes that make the gears in your brain churn. Inexplicable murders, mysterious disappearances, and perplexing riddles. And while reading or watching such stories in novels, TV shows, or movies is a lot of fun, games let you go one step further and take part in the investigation yourself, experiencing the satisfaction of cracking a case first-hand. The following games are the best examples of virtual sleuthing that you can play on PC today.

L.A. NoireTeam Bondi / 2011Inspired by pulp detective fiction and film noir, this lavish crime thriller is a slow, methodical game of clue-hunting and suspect interrogation, set in a stunningly authentic recreation of late '40s Los Angeles. The city is an elaborate film set for a variety of compelling interactive cases, from brutal serial murders to stolen cars and arson. Richly atmospheric and absolutely enthralling.

Overboard!Inkle / 2021Veronica Villensey has murdered her husband in cold blood, and you're going to help her get away with it. This is the devilish premise of Overboard, a superb interactive fiction game from Inkle, the studio behind 80 Days. Cleverly, it's a detective game in reverse. Rather than solving a murder, you're covering one up, and helping Veronica get away with the crime is incredibly satisfying.

The Painscreek KillingsEQ Studios / 2017Many games on this list are really good at simulating being a detective, but cult favourite The Painscreek Killings is one of the few where you actually have to be one. Set in an abandoned American town in the 1990s, you play as a journalist investigating a series of murders, and you really have to use your mind, intuitively piecing clues together, to get any kind of resolution out of it.

Telling LiesHalf Mermaid / 2019In this follow-up to Her Story you're given access to an archive of secretly recorded video calls taken from the laptops and mobile phones of four very different people. These troubled souls are complete strangers to you, their lives a total mystery. But by the end of the game you'll know them intimately, and will have uncovered a series of shocking truths about their lives.

The Flower CollectorsMi'Pu'Mi Games / 2020Inspired by Hitchock's Rear Window, this neo-noir adventure game takes place entirely in an apartment overlooking a plaza in Barcelona in the 1970s. You play as an ex-cop in a wheelchair who witnesses a murder and takes it upon himself to crack the case. It's a compelling mystery, and teaches you a little something about the history and politics of post-Franco Spain in the process.

Return of the Obra DinnLucas Pope / 2018The crew of the Obra Dinn has mysteriously disappeared, and you've been sent to investigate. You can revisit the exact moment of a person's death, and through these vignettes you piece together their name, how they died, and who (or what) was responsible. This is an immensely satisfying detective game because it trusts you to solve each mystery yourself with no hand-holding.

Strange HorticultureBad Viking / 2022After inheriting a plant shop in a quiet but odd little town, you'll have to identify the unusual plants your customers ask for. I know, it doesn't sound like a detective game, but it really is. Follow clues to find new plants, closely examine flowers, leaves, stems, petals, and bulbs to identify them, and grow your shop's collection. There's a big, mystical mystery at the heart of Strange Horticulture, but just the small act of finding a new plant and figuring out what it is and what it does is supremely satisfying.

Paradise KillerKaizen Game Works / 2020A wildly original detective game with a killer soundtrack, where you're free to investigate on your own terms. You explore a vivid and deeply strange tropical island at your own pace, pick up clues in any order, and create links to solve a brutal mass murder. This makes exploring extremely rewarding, and a single piece of evidence can completely change your perception of the case.

The Sinking CityFrogwares / 2021This Lovecraft-inspired open world detective game is from Sherlock developer Frogwares. It borrows some of Holmes' excellent investigation and deduction systems, but adds a supernatural, cosmic horror twist. It's not entirely successful, let down by poor writing and tedious combat. But there's some great detecting in here, and the urban setting is wonderfully gloomy and atmospheric.

Tangle TowerSFB Games / 2019Tangle Tower is a point-and-click puzzle game that follows Detective Grimoire and his partner, Sally, as they investigate a murder case of a painting that apparently killed its creator. It has a great mystery with lots of fun twists and turns, Grimoire and Sally make a perfect detective duo, and the art is gorgeous. The light-hearted tone and absorbing mystery make this a real pleasure to play.

FahrenheitQuantic Dream / 2005Before it goes all indulgent and supernatural at the halfway point, Fahrenheit is a brilliantly tense crime thriller. The opening scene where you cover up a murder scene as one character, then investigate it later as a homicide detective, is a highlight. A confused mess of a game, but one with a few standout moments. Also features a soundtrack by Angelo 'Twin Peaks' Badalamenti.

Lucifer Within UsKitfox Games / 2020In this unusual detective game you play as a digital exorcist whose job is to root out sinners and banish demons. These demons force people to commit terrible crimes, including murder, which is where the detective bit comes in. It's over too quickly, but this is a fun detective game with some cool ideas, like witness and suspect testimonies being presented as an interactive timeline.

Murder By NumbersMediatonic / 2020Part crime drama, part picross anthology, Murder By Numbers is a surprisingly effective blend of mystery visual novel and puzzle solving. It features sharply dressed characters, garbage ex-husbands, prickly detectives, glitzy award shows, and cute robots. It's fun, flashy, and has decent puzzles. Think Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, but with more murder and a lot more maths.

The Great Ace Attorney ChroniclesCapcom / 2021Set in Meiji era Japan and Victorian London, this collection of two Ace Attorney prequels is one of the most relentlessly fun detective games on our list. It features a vibrant, funny script, incredible character designs and animation, unpredictable cases, and hectic courtroom battles. You also hang out with 'Herlock Sholmes', a bumbling detective who isn't as clever as he thinks he is.

This page provides general information on the The Murder Mystery Machine videogame. As more information about the project appears, you will find here news, videos, screenshots, arts, interviews with developers and more. Perhaps you have stumbled on this page in search of download torrent The Murder Mystery Machine without registration or download The Murder Mystery Machine on high speed. provides only information about the games and no free download The Murder Mystery Machine.

Disclosures: This game was obtained via paid digital download and reviewed on the PC. Approximately 80 hours of play was devoted to multiplayer modes, and there is no offline option available. 041b061a72


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